Please note due to the current Coronavirus crisis across the UK Autonomy Plus will be adapting the way we work. Our group training sessions are not being run present but Sara is still offering pre-diagnostic assessments and is following Government and NHS advice on hygiene and social distancing, and also by the use of phone, email, text and Skype.

Sara can still support you with PIP, new style ESA, UC applications but all Face-to-Face benefit assessments have been cancelled till June, She can also provide expert evidence via email and help you with Mandatory Reconsideration reports as DWP say that there will be more paper based and phone assessments. Autonomy Plus is aware that access to benefits still remains an issue for many autistic people due to a lack of understanding, and a lack of specialist evidence, of their needs.

Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews

Autonomy Plus Pre Diagnostic Assessment

It was lovely to meet with you last week and to finally know the truth about myself. The report is certainly very comprehensive and correct in detail.

Being Part of Autonomy

"Sara runs Autonomy - an autism spectrum disorders social group that runs across Shrewsbury and Telford. Sara always goes above and beyond the call of duty in helping group members- whether that be PIP tribunals, giving lifts to socials, or general advice. She's the absolute best :)"

Thanks to Autonomy Plus

My brother, 42, has recently been diagnosed with Asperger. At the news, my family and I felt lost as much as he did. We didn't know what do and how to move forward. We didn't know anyone with Asperger or who knew anyone with this condition. With a little bit of research we found Sara and arranged a mentoring session. Sara was very flexible in terms of times and means - she even offered to visit my brother at his place, which was an option we considered at first as he was suffering from depression and didn't want to leave the house. In the end we arranged a Skype session and found it very useful. Now we have someone to turn to for advice when needed, and someone who can help us exploring the options available. My brother felt understood after so many years of confusion and misunderstandings. We immediately arranged for another session. Thank you Sara."